Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review: The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes has been an interesting read for me. It's been a while since I have read a book that made me think and challenged my reading skills. The story is a man, Tony, who in the first half of the book recants his past to us in a shadowy and complacent memory. He tells of his childhood friends and how they try to remain friends while taking different paths in life and navigating the waters of women. Yet, in the second half of the book, his memory is challenged with his present day circumstances.

I really enjoyed this book and I love how well written it is. When I began reading I soon realized that I had finished 60 pages in one setting. I love how a book is able to pull you in and make you forget time. It is an adult book and is written with such intelligence. At first, the main character seemed so nonchalant and arrogant is his thinking of how life works and it made me realized that at that age we are like that. We believe we have everything figured out and we know how things are going to play out. It turns out that we don't know much of anything. Life makes you realize that you don't have much control over some things and how you remember things to be isn't always as accurate as you thought. 

I highly recommend this book and I was vague for a reason, go get the book. Check out Yepanotherone's and MerelyMarie's thoughts on this book.

P.S. Thank God for the dictionary built into the Kindle app for iPad because I used it frequently while reading this book.


MerelyMarie said...

This book was indeed clever, and a "challenge" to read!
I had no idea there was a dictionary on Kindle! ...DUH?! I'm terrible with gadgets. LOL

MerelyMarie said...

It's funny; but, I never considered my younger self (in comparison to the younger characters of the book) & thinking that I knew it all, until now, after reading your comments. Ha!

There are quite a few things, one could relate to in this read.

justme said...

i am sorry, i don't know why i could not get my comment to post and i have been so busy. anyway, i feel the same as you :)

i didnt find the characters annoying in youth, because i was the same way. in many ways, i am still that same person. life has thrown me hurdles, but i am about the same as i was as a teen

jtbrown said...

I don't find you annoying at all! I guess I just didn't analyze things as much as these characters did. I just didn't think about it that much and still kinda don't. I wasn't an angst-y teen but I was dramatic!