Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planning A Vacation...

Since hubby and I haven't taken a vacation since we've been married it's a new experience to plan a vacation together. I had originally asked hubby to plan the vacation all by himself and I would just pack for us and get everything together for the travel portion of the trip. Hubby admits that he isn't able to string a timeline together the way that I can. Yet, I'm a very detailed person and sometimes I get caught up in the details.  So, we decided to tag team this thing!

Hubby is picking the hotel and deciding on the area of town where we'll be staying.  He's gathering information on the places we want to visit such as prices and location and I'll put the itinerary together. I'm in charge of the packing and travel snacks and stops along the way. I also have to set up the boarding for our dogs. He's handling saving for the trip and paying for everything because I don't always have the best restraint with money.

This is where we're going and I'm so excited to actually take a trip. Plus, I'm excited to tour this new state that we've been living in for the last 5 years and haven't been anywhere except Houston and that's only because we have friends and family down there!

How do you plan or vacations or trips? Who takes control and figures out everything?


MerelyMarie said...

For some reason, I can't "read more". When I click, nothing happens; but, I'm excited for you, about your vacation! LOL Yay for tag teaming!!!

jtbrown said...

I changed it so you should be able to see it now.

Justme said...

I bet you are excited. It's coming up fast! My husband helps pick the location but we never really set that in stone till tickets are bought. I do everything else because I am more adventurous than he is. He is usually down for anything though, he is a good travel partner. We do our schedule together since its really his vacation that we are working with.

Godyssey said...

Have fun planning your trip!

I usually do all of the planning myself (unless the trip is spontaneous) and it can get stressful. It' good that the two of you are doing it together.

MerelyMarie said...

Cool! I can see it now.

When we travel, my DH figures & handles how we'll get there & back; and transportation, if any, while there. I usually plan things for us to do/go see while we're there. We both pack.
It's funny because we didn't plan who would do what, it just seems to usually happen this way.