Monday, April 2, 2012

My Space


This is a small table in my kitchen that is kind of a catch all for our stuff around the house. I’ve thought about putting it on Craigslist or donating it to the salvation army but I’ve always decided against it. I love this little table because it’s vintage and my mom helped me find it at a second hand store. It was the first kitchen table in our new home in Texas and it makes me think of my mom.

Well, I wasn’t honoring the table for what it meant to me. I’ve been searching for a place in my home where I can sit and have my space and just be. I’ve decided to make this table that spot. I want to have a space in my home where I can sit and journal in the mornings, write my blogs, eat my oatmeal for breakfast and drink my morning coffee. This seems like the perfect place. The table reminds me of my mom and that makes me feel good and feel better when I’m down, I look at it and think of her. So, I decided to clean it up and add some of my personal stuff to it so it can me my special space. 


Sorry about the quality of the picture but this is what it looks like now. It feel good but I think there are some things that I want to get for it. Do you have a special place in your home where you pull yourself together. I do have another spot where I love to sit and be by myself and it’s the bathroom (I’ll spare you a picture of that).

Please share what you’re special space is. 


MerelyMarie said...

That is so sweet that your special space reminds you of you mom! Love the addition of the candle & flower vase. I'm not sure of my special's definitely in the living room, between the love seat where I snuggle & watch TV & movies with my DH, and my computer desk that my dad made.

Godyssey said...

I love your new area, it looks so cozy! I just bought some flowers like those the other day.

Make sure to get a coaster or use a saucer for under your glass. I don't want you to get a water ring on your table.

jtbrown said...

Thanks ladies!