Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monthly Goals: April w/ March Update


So, April is upon us and it’s time to reflect on March. These were my goals for March:
    • Go to the gym at least 20 times for at least 30 minutes each visit. 
      • I didn’t reach this goal yet, I did start going back to the gym.
    • Only eat what I cook, unless it's a special occasion.
      • I did succeed in this goal. I didn’t throw anything out that I had cooked. I re-purposed every single leftover into the next meal. It actually cut down on my cooking demands and saved us some money. I haven’t grocery shopped aside from a few veggies to round out my meals.

Now, on to April’s goals:
    • To journal for 10 minutes each morning.
    • Prepare for the next day including, meals, clothes and to-do list.
    • Be punctual. I used to be a punctual person but now I’m habitually late and I hate that feeling.
Have you set any goals for month? Please share…

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