Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Married Life...How I Love It!

I was having a conversation with a friend and I said that when you are getting marriage counseling before you get married you should also have financial counseling. If you guys remember my husband and I had a huge adjustment period and issues when we first got married. You can read about it here.

Yes, we are still working on it and we have had due diligence with the subject but it's a constant goal we are working towards. Yet, if we had the discussions about money and our different philosophies regarding spending and saving, we might be in a very different place in our lives. The sad realization is that most children are not exposed to money concepts until they need them in order to correct their money mistakes. I remember telling a creditor "I'm 21 and not not buying a house right now so I don't care about my credit report". What an idiot I was. I had no clue how much impact your credit report and credit score has on your future and the decisions that will be made against you based on your credit history.

The first two years of our marriage would have been totally different if my husband and I had a realistic understanding of money and came into our marriage with the same financial understanding and goals.

Did you and your S/O have a financial conversation before you got married? Did you two come from the same socioeconomic background? Have you had conflicts because you have different money philosophies?


MerelyMarie said...

I don't remember having a financial conversation per se, but remember specific talks about having & using credit cards. I didn't trust them, and my DH did. We came from fairly similar backgrounds & both believed in "responsibility" with spending/saving.

I will say that before I got married, I was super serious about saving & making financial investments, but over the years, I've become more lax.

justme said...

i am similar to MM. We didn't talk about it but came from similar enough backgrounds. I think my husband might have been a better saver when I first met him. Financially we make a pretty good team and are pretty even

jtbrown said...

I must say that I do envy your financial relationship. We are working on ours but we've got a long way to go.

MJ said...

I'm not married but it's a hard conversation to have even where you're dating someone serious. It can be a deal breaker for me primarily because I like and need to feel secure and fairly comfortable, and especially during emergencies. At the same time, if I prefer to splurge on myself here and there with the money I've earned and saved, I want no opinions.