Monday, April 16, 2012

52 Small Changes


I've set a goal for myself of reading 30 books this year as well as the general goal to have a healthier lifestyle. Well, I was searching for some new books, came across this one and decided to give it a try. The jest of it is to incorporate 1 small change each week for a year with the goal  to improve your life as a whole.

Week 1 goal: Drink more water. This is an easy goal for me because I like water. I like cold tap water from the fridge with no ice. Room temp water is also fine with me and I also like to add lemons to the pitcher for a little added taste. This one won't be hard at all.

I'll update you on next Monday on the progression. Please join along with me if you're interested or let me know how this worked for you if you've read this book before.


Anonymous said...

I'll do this with you. This should be easy for me too. JustmeYepanotherone

jtbrown said...

Are you going to buy the book? I got mine on the Kindle App for iPad.

justme said...

should i? i thought i was just going to follow you, lol. thats what i thought you meant

jtbrown said...

I guess you don't need to buy the book and I can be more specific when I describe the goals each week.

MerelyMarie said...

I look forward to reading your progress! The book looks good, but I'm a bit apprehensive to commit:(