Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Right Now!

I'm working on a big project at work and it's more time consuming that I originally thought.

Hubby and I are actually taking an anniversary trip this year and I'm having fun planning it. I can't wait because we never had a honeymoon nor have we taken a vacation since we've been married. Every time we take off from work for a few days we always go back to MS to visit family. This year we decided to be selfish and go on a vacation.

We've started going back to the gym. I'm not going to make my monthly goal of 20 times this month but at least I've started. I definitely pushed myself too hard this week and I have the soreness to prove it.

I've done a good job of not throwing away any leftovers and I'm so proud of that. We waste so much money throwing old food out that I wanted to stop losing that money. I've re-purposed my leftovers and made new meals out of them everyday. I must say that I'm proud of myself.

The treadmill is the devil! I love lifting weight but I despise the treadmill.

Even though my hair is still long by most standards I do miss my 8 inches.

My 11 year old dog has gas that will make you leave the room. I have actually gagged a few times. She's horrible!

What's going on in your life right now?


MerelyMarie said...

Woohoo!!! Enjoy your vacation:) I don't think it's selfish at all.

justme said...

hey girl, i want to say once again, thanks for thinking of us (earthquake). i hope you are having fun with the project even though it is time consuming. you should not think its selfish to take a trip together. good job on the gym. we are opposite, i hate the weights because i bulk fast. i didn't think you would miss your hair. what do you miss about it? was it easier or harder to take care of? nothing is going on in my life, just unpacking and getting situated.