Saturday, September 4, 2010

Working My Way Out of Debt....

How did we get here....


justme said...

its late here so i am going to come back and watch this. i cant wait

justme said...

it infuriates me how we dont get money education. everything i know about money i learned on my own too. it puts us as such a disadvantage as older adults if we don't learn. I think of how many years before I saw the light that I could have been saving.

Luckily, I have never been in huge debt (although the small amounts seemed huge to me). I have never been underwater since I felt what it meant to scrimp to eat when I got my first place. I didnt have credit cards though at that time thank god.

Now I am doing better than ever and I thank God for having the sense to learn on my own. My husband is receptive because he knows I am good with money, but I did have to ask him to let me take over for a while and show him results (men are results oriented).

He thinks I am a penny pincher, but I think he secretly admires that. He does the finances now and he does fine. Sometimes he will slip up and spend $40 that "we dont have to spend" (but we do,its just not in the budget), overall he is on board.

justme said...

girl i am so sorry that you had to go through this. this may be personal but did your husband change at all when the cars were repossessed? how does his male pride feel about these things? this is interesting to me tis all.

and another thing i noticed. i enjoy saving and have to catch myself cause that $40 that he may go over, can i really complain if we do have it and we are hitting milestones, and he is busting his butt

and can i really complain if i cant stick to my $75 a week budget sometimes

that is our struggle right now. sticking to a budget to a tee. i want to stick to a budget, keep my word to myself.

i will have to talk to you about this on the phone because it is so much to type but i hope this helps.